Sunday, October 30, 2011

Center Console Drawn & Rough Sticthed

Last week I drew my Center Console for my new XF20 Shallow Mine boat 3 times.  It took a footprint layout to realize a 28" wide console won't accommodate 3 deep cell batteries along with wiring and steering races.  OK Now my Center Console is 24 3/4" deep x 32 1/2" Wide x 30" tall.  It still needs an inside 3/4" plywood shelve for the 3 Bank Battery charger and upright panel which will hold the Main Power Panel & fuses on the starboard side.

The Center Console will get Epoxy Fiberglass joints, 2x2 blocks on each joint, Extra backing at certain points for exterior rod holders and possible future console Grab Rail. The Exterior and bottom half of the interior will receive a Epoxy fiberglass overlay and the upper half interior will be painted with marine grade paint.

The Top and the slanted instrument panel are 3/4" thick plywood, all other surfaces are 3/8" Plywood


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